We have completed the body work and all welding on the main body. It has been primed and placed back on the chassis.Type your paragraph here.

We are currently removing all the pieces that will either be replaced or reassembled before body and paint work beginType your paragraph here.

​If you’re the proud owner of a vintage automobile that’s in need of a little tender loving care or a complete restoration, you have come to the right place. We proudly serve the greater Sonoma County area. Whether it be classic car restoration,  buy & sell services, we are here to serve your needs and then some.​​ Just go to our contact us page to set up an appointment.Type your pagraph here.

​Dissasembling vehicleType your paragraph here.

We fabricated a piece of sheet metal to fit and welded in place to for a new floor board.Type your paragraph here.

The front end has been rebuilt and disc brakes have been installed all around.Type your paragraph here.

After approximately 150 hours of body work the Caddy has been masked, primed, sealed, base coat  and clear coat applied Type your paragraph here.

We are currently performing a full restoration on 1935 Hillman Wizard. The Hillman is a British vehicle of which only 200 were produced.r paragraph here.

Type yFord 390 Engine 320 HP Power Plant our paragraph here.

Prior to preforming the body work and painting, we are rebuilding the front end and installing disc brakes all around.Type your paragraph here.

Sonoma Classic Motorcars

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Type your paragraph here.

The chassis has been treated with Por-15 to give it a rich black look and to prevent any future rust.Type your paragraph here.

Our little rodent friends decided to have a bite. We will replace the foam and reupholster the back seat.Type your paragraph here.

​We applied a three stage paint and clear to the body and all the various piecesType your paragraph here.

The Water pump has been rebuilt, sprayed and installed. The engine has been degreased and sprayed. Type your paragraph here.

Origininally the Hillman came with a wood floor. We have fabricated the new floor out of steel, primed and sprayed plus added dynamat to minimize anooying sounds and for protectionType your paragraph here.

Portugal +351 925 406454   US+ 1415-601-7060

We are in the process of restoring a 1981 CJ 5Type your paragraph here.

We cut out a portion of the floor board that had too much rust. Type your paragraph here.

We have just completed a major overhaul of the engine. The carburetor has been rebuilt, all gasket and seals replaced, new hoses, wires Champion radiator etc.  Type your paragraph here.

We are restoring this Cadillac Coupe Deville back to it's original condition.Type your paragraph here.

We body worked the CJ to remove all dents  and welds to create a smooth suface.Type your paragraph here.

While disaassembling vehicle we will need to save all parts as only 200 Hillman Wizards were produced in 1935.Type your paragraph here.

This is a 1969 Mustang Mach 1 that we are building for a customer. The roller was purchased in Southern California and brought up to our shop in Healdsburg. When it is finished it will be Wimbedon white and black with a  390 and a c 6 automatic transmission.Type your paragraph here.

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